Welcome Planet Prudence! | CaseCompany

The CaseCompany team is so proud to be collaborating with talented artists. Talented artists like Prudence Geerts. She’s given herself the pseudonym Planet Prudence and is especially known for her cheeky cartoons. This passionate artist has travelled a hard road, she was told many times during her school career she’d never make it as an artist. Well look at her now! Through the years Prudence has developed a personal style uniquely her own. It’s easiest to compare her work with a kind of illustrated diary. It’s a projection of what Prudence is really like. Her work is very colourful, upbeat but above all relatable. For CaseCompany Planet Prudence is surrounded by stars. Drake, Beyoncé, Harry Styles and the Bieber. They al seems to make an appearance in her collection. Foodies can also get in line because she’s also serving up some damn fine coffee, eggs sunny side up and the best donuts in town. Come get some!

Members of the Beyhive, get ready! A great case with a great face. Get this slay-queen case here.

A more personal design by Prudence, but definitely very relatable. Who doesn’t like a big slice of delicious pizza. Just do you and treat yo’self girl! Get this unapologetic case here!

Does your heart skip a beat when you get a eyeful of Harry Styles? This ex-One Directioner case is all you. Get this case here.

Every Belieber should be walking around with one of these cases. You should go on and love yourself and buy one! Get it here.

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