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Those of you who enjoy realistic textures and panoramas should hurry up and check out this collection of smartphone cases as soon as possible. CaseCompany has created a large variety of textured cases just for you. What exactly does that mean? Well, it’s quite simple really. Pretty much every type of natural texture on the planet (and beyond) can be printed onto your smartphone case. That way, it looks as if your phone is actually made from that material. Go ahead and take a look at our collection. We have a wide variety of marble-style looks, for example. Pink, turquoise, white marble with gold or grey accents, speckled black marble,... We have it all! Perhaps a nice rock texture, to make it look like your phone is made from stone? Considering how solid our smartphone cases are, it may as well be! We’ve got plenty of other patterns on offer too, of course. You could go for a wood print, for example, to add a touch of class to your smartphone. If you really want something out of this world, then we suggest one of our lunar landscape prints. “One small step for CaseCompany, one giant leap for your smartphone!”

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