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Letters & Quotes

Some people say a picture is worth a thousand words… Well, our “Letters & Quotes” collection begs to differ! Go ahead and take a look. You’ll quickly realise that there’s a certain charm to smartphone cases with funny or perhaps even philosophical quotes written on them! This collection, which was designed in collaboration with several guest designers, is all about the power of the written word. Life mottos, motivational quotations, funny quotes from movies… It’s all there. Perhaps you’re a fan of Geyser’s minimalistic black and white designs. These look fantastic, especially combined with beautiful motivational quotes such as “You win some, you lose some, it’s all part of the game called life” and “Never lose your value”. On the other side of the spectrum, you have the flashy and funny creations of Kaart Blanche and Caroline Vermeir. Kaart Blanche uses classic quotes such as “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, while Caroline Vermeir draws your attention with funny quotes such as “Sorry not sorry”, “#nofilter”, “Fries before guys” and last but not least, “Girl Boss”. If you like that last one, you’ll probably be interested in our homemade “Super Lady” design as well. We’re certain you’ll find one you like! Because “We’re capable of anything”.

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View our collection

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