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Smartphone cases sporting illustrations have always been popular. And for good reason! They add a playful element to your smartphone, allowing you to personalise it the way you want. Be sure to check out our collection of smartphone cases. Thanks to our in-house graphic designers and guest designers, CaseCompany has managed to create a wide variety of illustrated smartphone cases. You’re sure to find something that fits your personality like a glove. You can find many cartoon-related designs in our catalogue. Whether it’s a Mickey Mouse hand giving the finger, or the word “Superlady” written in Superman font… We have it all! Take your time to browse through everything we have to offer, we promise you it’s worth it! That way you can make a well-thought-out choice between our many illustrations, such as cats, birds, ice creams, fish, cacti (by Eva Mouton), or a stylish mix between realism and cartoons (courtesy of Vexx). Our in-house graphic designers show off their creative muscles as well. Take our badass “style cat” for example, complete with tie and sunglasses! And there’s much more where that came from. Oh, and did we mention… “Unicorns we love them, uni-uni-unicorns, we lo-ove them…”

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