A new artist: Lukas Haen | CaseCompany

A new artist has been added to the CaseCompany designer team: Lukas Haen. Lukas is a young artist who has been fascinated by drawing the things around him since a very young age. But also Pokémon, dragons and other fantastical creatures strike his fancy. After putting his drawing and art on the back burner for a couple of years, this artist has recently rekindled his love for art. He’s dabbled in digital video art but soon missed his trusty pen and paper. Lukas gets his inspiration from artists he admires. From those different styles he’s been crafting a style of his own. A very dynamic style that’s still evolving to this day. He describes his own work as detailed and colourful, something that corresponds with his ambitious and upbeat character.

Take look at Lukas Haens designs here:

Right off the bat, one of our favourite designs: the red-yellow koi-carp. So rad. Get it here.

Bang Bang! Some fancy lipstick for the second offering is the Lukas Haen collection. Get this shiny case here!

Lukas has got a big heart for all the Instagram kids out there. Show your love with this case.

Any sushi lovers in the house? Of course there are. Get this sushi case here.

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