Any style. ANY CITY.


Our Art Deco filter is inspired by various typographic styles from the 1930’s. Streets, waterways and buildings create a graceful whole and will give your map a timeless style that’s still totally your own.

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Maps can sometimes lead to interesting or recognisable patterns. Boil your favourite places down to the essentials with the Midnight filter. Print your monochrome black and white map on your case to create a mysterious, stylish and 100% unique accessory.

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Deep red streets mark a black landscape. The Crimson filter adds some drama to your map by adding a contrasting colour scheme. Create a drop dead gorgeous smartphone case or laptop sleeve with your custom map.

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Type in your preferred location and print your map directly onto your smartphone cover. The classic cartographic colour scheme will keep your map recognisable yet stylised.

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The Violet filter offers a colourful alternative to the classic ground map. Deep purple roads and bright red waterways revamp any landscape into a unique play of colours. Transform your haven into something original.

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A map as a piece of art. With the Mondrian filter you can transform any location you want into a piece of timeless modern art. Create a complex grid inspired by your favourite places. Make your own abstract artwork with a hidden personal meaning.

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