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Stefani Servaege

CaseCompany has an eye for talent. That’s why we want to highlight lesser known artists as well. Stefani Servaege is an up and coming young graphic designer from Belgium. Born and raised in the west of Flanders she was spoon fed art as a child. Her father is also a graphic designer, her grand father is a painter and her mother is a fashion designer. Creative talent is definitely in her blood. She developed that talent further when she enrolled in the prestigious St-Lukas Academy in Ghent where she studied art. She fell in love with graphic design completely while studying and started working for some big name brands during an internship. In the meantime she moved to Ghent where she’s now earning a living as a graphic designer at De Kwekerij, a design studio focussing on tangible design. Stefani’s specialty is papercraft: she build the most amazing three dimensional designs from paper. In her personal work you’ll find a clear line, retro design and a rich fantasy world. Her collection for CaseCompany brings all those elements together with cases with unicorns and 80’s prints among others. Check out all the designs below and who knows, you could be rocking an original Stefani Servaege on your smartphone or laptop sleeve.

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