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Planet Prudence

Welcome to Planet Prudence the imaginative and personal world of Prudence Geerts. Prudence is a young cartoonist who’s conquering the world right now. But the road hasn’t always been easy for her. Even though she’s been a passionate artist since the tender age of 3, her work was not always appreciated. While studying art she was faced with plenty of haters who told her she’d never make it as an artist. But she never let the critics get her down. Her unrelenting passion to become an artist was all she needed. All this has made her more persistent and her artwork is better because of it. It’s unique, personal and beautiful. It’s easy to see why because Planet Prudence started as a sort of illustrated journal. Her drawings are an extension of her personality and vice versa. It’s best to describe her work as colourful, upbeat, young and especially relatable. For CaseCompany she let her individualistic light shine on pop culture The result is a collection filled to the brim with stars. Bieber, Drake, Bey and Harry Styles all make an appearance in Prudence’s world. Nothing makes Prudence happier than drawing and we hope her work makes you happy as well.

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