Lukas Haen

From a young age Lukas Haen was fascinated by drawing things from his environment. He also loved monsters like Pokémon, dragons and other typical stuff a kid loves. After studying for years at a drawing academy it seemed as if he was losing his passion for drawing. But after a while he started missing the creative process. Lukas started experimenting with digital video art among other things. Meanwhile he’s returned to his roots as an illustrator and he has again picked up pencil and paper. Albeit a digital pencil sometimes.In his formative years Lukas Haen drew inspiration from other artists he admired. But like most artists he felt the need to carve out a style for himself. That style is very dynamic and keeps evolving as we speak. He’s still very much searching for his own voice in the illustration world but there are some trademarks starting to show. Lukas’ style is first and foremost very colourful this stems from his upbeat and optimistic personality. His work is also very detailed, something he attributes to his ambition and perfectionism. We already love his vibrant experiments. Take a look and judge for yourself.

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