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JoJoesArt is the moniker of German born Jonas Jödicke. He’s a young freelance artist who started showcasing his artworks a few year ago. Since then he’s gained quite the following. He’s built a huge fanbase. He’s published an artful colouring book filled with mythical creatures. Jonas got started like most artists do: by loving art. As a child he was constantly drawing with art supplies his mother provided her him. Around his 14th birthday he started to get interested in digital art. Through this collaboration Jonas wants to give anyone who likes his art the chance to carry it around everywhere. With his collection we dive into worlds of fantasy and magic and get lost in lush illustrations inspired by Jonas’ spirituality. Jonas is especially interested in the contrast between light and dark, good and evil. It’s a theme that you’ll definitely recognise in this collection he did for CaseCompany. This collection is inhabited by mythical and magical creatures and symbols. Think unicorns, lions and wolves. Jonas’ style is incredibly detailed, dynamic an colourful. It’s sure to be a perfect match for your smartphone case.

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