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Geyser is the artist name of Gijs Dries, a designer from Ghent who used to freelance for several famous Belgian design agencies. He’s a renowned visual identity designer and brand builder. His goal is to help companies show their clients what they stand for, to stimulate the feeling that comes with the recognition of their brand, to create an atmosphere of a brand that’s easy to communicate with. Geyser’s work consists of logos, illustrations and typographies. He launched the concept “daily quotes” while he was practicing his typography skills. These typographies are what convinced CaseCompany to recruit him as a graphic designer. You can find a plethora of motivational quotes by the pen of Geyser in our smartphone collection. “You win some, you lose some, it’s all part of the game called life”, “Never lose your value”, “Life was meant to be lived”, “To win you have to risk loss”... All of them life lessons you can print onto CaseCompany’s smartphone covers in a stylish white typography over a fancy black background. And remember: “You are capable of anything!” Also of selecting the perfect smartphone cover for yourself!

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